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Continuous Tempura Fryer

Capacity: Flexible and Configurable

Materials: Seafood, Vegetables, Meat, Pasta, Fungi, etc

Application: Food processing industry, Catering industry, etc

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Product Insights

A Continuous Tempura Fryer is a specialized piece of equipment used for frying tempura, a popular Japanese dish consisting of battered and deep-fried seafood, vegetables, or other ingredients. These fryers are designed to maintain the ideal temperature and oil consistency to achieve crispy and light tempura. They are commonly used in restaurants, catering facilities, and food production kitchens.

Prouduct Features

Continuous Production Capacity

Achieving efficient and continuous production of tempura food, enhancing production efficiency to meet large-scale production demands.

Even Frying

Advanced frying technology ensures even heating of ingredients during the frying process, achieving the ideal crispy exterior and tender interior with a golden color.

Efficient Oil Management

Equipped with efficient oil filtration and circulation functions, helping to prolong the lifespan of the frying oil.

Easy Operation

With an intelligent control system, operation is simplified, allowing for easy adjustment of relevant parameters for frying different foods, with automatic completion of the frying process.

Technical Specifications

Frying product Snacks, nuggets burger, fish, peanuts and so on
Heating method Electricity/ Gas/LPG/ Diesel/ Wood
Model LK-YZ2500/3500/4500/5500/6500/8500/11000
Rated power Different based on model and products
Frying temperature 155-180℃
Frying temperature range 80-300℃
Temperature precision ±1℃
Frying time 1-5mintues adjustable
Frying time control range frequency adjustable
Mesh belt width 300mm/400mm/600mm/800mm/1000mm/1200mm

Note: Technical specifications may change without notice due to ongoing technological advancements.

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If you want to get a quotation or more product details, please leave us a message.

Any Help?

If you want to get a quotation or more product details, please leave us a message.

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