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Crate Washing Machine

Capacity: 100 - 2,000 pcs/h

Materials: Crates, Baskets, Trays, Boxes, etc.

Application: Food logistics centers, Distribution centers, Central kitchens, Farms.

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Product Insights

The crate washing machine is a professional industrial cleaning equipment designed to provide efficient, safe and reliable crate washer solutions for food logistics centers, distribution centers, etc. Using advanced high-pressure spray washing technology, various types of crates can be quickly and thoroughly cleaned to ensure product and food safety and improve work efficiency. By combining the concepts of high efficiency, adjustability, energy saving, and environmental protection, crate cleaning machine have provided sustainable washing solutions for many industries.

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Prouduct Features

  • The washing capacity can be customized according to your needs, typically ranging from 100 to 2000 pcs/h.
  • Suitable for washing various types and sizes of crates, baskets, trays, etc.
  • Equipped with multiple soaking and washing zones based on the contamination level of the crates or trays.
  • Optional equipment includes dryers, dual-channel washing machines, fully automatic palletizers, and crate folding machines.
  • Various heating methods are available: electric heating and gas heating.
  • Water resources are recycled, ensuring water conservation.

Technical Specifications

Product name Industrial crate and tray washing machine
Size 4880*1550*1650mm
Power 14.5Kw
Weight 800kg
Function Washing basket and tray
Capacity 100-2000pcs/h
Heating Electric or steam
Voltage 220v/380v/415v/440v
Keyword crates washing machine
Operation Full-automatic
Material SUS304
Control Automatic Control

Note: Technical specifications may change without notice due to ongoing technological advancements.

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If you want to get a quotation or more product details, please leave us a message.

Any Help?

If you want to get a quotation or more product details, please leave us a message.

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