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Small Production Line for Fried Potato Crisps

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              Small Fried Potato Crisps Production Line





Small fried potato crisps production line can process fresh potatoes into bagged fried potato chips/fries. 

The whole production line includes:


Fresh Potato—washing&peeling—cutting—blanching—dewatering—frying—de-oiling— seasoning—packing

1. Washing & peeling machine: Thoroughly washing and peeling the potatoes.


2.Potato cutter: Potato: cut potato into chips.


3. Blanching Machine: remove extra starch and inhibition of enzyme activity protect color.


4. Dewatering machine: Through vibration to remove the surface water and  transport the fries uniformly to the next machine.


5. Frying machine: For quick frying the fries to avoid the adhesion and extend the shelf life.


6. De-oiling machine: remove extra water before frying and also to convey the fries uniformly to next machine.


7. Seasoning machine: season chips/fries to different flavors.

8. Packing machine: For packing the finished french fries.


It is one of the most popular snack item. Will be your best business partner!



1.The whole line is made of food grade stainless steel,healthy and easy to clean;

2.High degree of automation;

3.High efficiency;

4.Energy saving;

5.Multi-function,easy to install and operate.

6.Low investment and high return.




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