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FRIMAQ Automatic Traysealers

  • Introduction Model: TSA-626
    MOQ: 1 UNIT
    Warranty: 3 Year
    Shipping: By Sea

Automatic Traysealers


FRIMAQ tray sealers are suitable for all types of production requirements, from medium to high production.They work with different types of prefabricated trays, as well as cardboard and flat cardboard trays.

FRIMAQ machines are able to work with different packaging systems: vacuum, gas, and skin among others.


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 FRIMAQ Packaging was born in 1999, it is a Spanish company that manufactures all types of machinery for industrial packaging, comprising a wide range of machinery from small vacuum packers to large packaging lines, traysealers, thermoformers, dryers, shrink tunnels, and a multitude peripherals that complement our products, as well as the different needs of our customers.

Our cardboard traysealers have the best technology to maximize production in your business. We completely adapt our heat sealing machines to your production needs. Each of our machines is specifically designed to meet the business, product, and tray type requirements. The use of this type of industrial machinery will make the production chain of your business be profitable to the maximum.

We have automatic and semi-automatic traysealers that allow packaging of different sizes and our team of professionals will take care of integrating them perfectly into the production environment. Contact us and tell us about your project; our professionals will be happy to help you in everything. 








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