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FRIMAQ Dispensador De Bandejas Trays Dispenser

  • Introduction Model: 7000
    MOQ: 1 UNIT
    Warranty: 3 Year
    Shipping: By Sea

Dispensador De Bandejas Trays Dispenser

FRIMAQ not only produces machinery, but also a wide variety of perherals that complement any of our machines and packaging lines: aligners, conveyors belts and tray dispensers are just a small sample of what we are capable of .




FRIMAQ Packaging was born in 1999, it is a Spanish company that manufactures all types of machinery for industrial packaging, comprising a wide range of machinery from small vacuum packers to large packaging lines, traysealers, thermoformers, dryers, shrink tunnels, and a multitude peripherals that complement our products, as well as the different needs of our customers.

FRIMAQ machines are born from joint collaboration with leading companies in different production sectors and in different world markets.

A continuous challenge for FRIMAQ is the perfect packaging of the product.We constantly work to develop and improve our systems and machines using new cutting-edge technologies, which together with a great experience, allow FRIMAQ to look beyond the machine, situating the needs of the client as an objective as well as creating a constant relationship of advice and assistance, being capable of offering solutions to the most complex problems that the different sectors present. 

Therefore, it is the tailor-made work and the contribution of solutions to our clients, which makes us unique.

FRIMAQ is a company established in a wide number of markets and in constant expansion. 

We are currently present on all continents and in more than 50 countries, where we have official distributors of our brand.





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