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Vortex Style Cleaning Machine

  • Introduction Mode: LK-1800
    MOQ: 1 UNIT
    Warranty: 3 Years
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                                     Vortex Style Cleaning Machine




Brief Introduction


Vortex cleaning machine uses the clean water to form bubbles and whirl of water waves to clean the product.

After clean up, it moves into a spiral shape wave in the tank. This machine can remove light  dirt or small debris such as sediment, dust, pebbles, etc…,

and effectively removes pesticide residues in the raw material and eliminated bacteria.




 The interior of the cylinder is smooth and semicircular.

 It can be equipped with ozone disinfection system to remove pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables.

 Vibratory conveying instead of traditional conveyor belt conveying to reduce cleaning time.

 Imported shock-absorbing arm is used to ensure that excess water is effectively drained.

 Automatic circulating water mechanism.

 Automatic water replenishment device.






This machine is mainly used for cleaning and vibrating drainage of cut vegetables.

It is especially suitable for cleaning fruits and vegetables after slicing, segmenting and diced.

It is not easy to stick on the mesh belt with this cleaning method, whether it is whole vegetables or segmented vegetables or broken vegetables. 

Suitable for food processing plant, central kitchen, food distribution center to clean leafy vegetables, roots and pickled fruits and vegetables,

such as: cabbage, lettuce, lettuce, pickled radish, rutabaga, etc.







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