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200-2000KG/H Root Vegetable Cleaning Processing Line

  • Introduction MOQ: 1 UNIT
    Warranty: 3 Year
    Shipping: By Sea

200-2000KG/H Root Vegetable Cleaning Processing Line






This potato washing and peeling machine is specially designed for  washing and peeling round and oval-shaped fruits and vegetables such as potatoes, sweet

potatoes, carrots, taros, and other kinds of root vegetables and fruit, which adopts emery grinding principle and absorbs advanced technology at home and

abroad. It can wash and peel the potatoes into nice shape,  and then you can deeply process it into potato chips, potato strips, potato mash and potato flake.


Installation of fruit and vegetable cleaning processing line


1. Keep the balance of the machine before use;

2. Check that whether the fixed parts are loose or not when the machine is working, especially check the screw of the plate;

3. Check the power wire, the switch button and whether the bowl has strange things or not. And whether the power voltage reaches the requirement or not.



Suitable for washing and peeling potato, carrot, turnip, taro, beet, cassava, kiwi fruit, lotus root, ginger, etc 


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