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Fruit Drying Cabinet

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    Warranty: 3 Year
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                                                 Fruit Drying Cabinet





This equipment is designed for dehydrating evenly purpose, its fast and efficient.

It has automatic temperature control with automatic damp removal, it can maintain the color and shape of the dried material, and improve quality. 

Electric heating is adopted to realize the temperature control system, automatic damp discharge and adjustable the speed.

The temperature, time, and exhaust of this equipment can be set manually.




1. Small drying cabinet is suitable for raw materials of pharmaceutical, chemical, food, light and heavy industry.

2. The temperature control method is PID dual digital display.

     It is intelligent temperature control with button setting, LED digital display of the set value and actual temperature, and time alarm.

3. The electric heating tube in the heating device has a service life of more than 40,000 hours.




It can be widely used in vegetables, fruit, Chinese medicinal materials, seafood, specialty products of various places

and also agricultural and sideline products, seasoning and dried vegetable stew, industrial products, meat products, etc….   

Material Power Voltage
2400*1350*2250 SUS201 38.25kw 380v/50Hz



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