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Bone Sawing Machine

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 Bone Sawing Machine


Bone sawing machine is a new product specially designed and developed for cutting meat steaks, frozen products, poultry, fish,

smoked meat and other products. When cutting different materials, the saw blade with the corresponding pitch must be replaced. 

Stainless steel slide table is easy to clean and durable enough; 

convenient slide tray and high quality motor power ensure the hardest food is properly cut and maximum safety.

Electric bone sawing machine welded with stainless steel materials, and the products meet the international food security standards.

Imported saw blade,made of solid steel, firm and durable, the cutting section is smooth. 

Built-in waterproof safety device, when the machine outer covering open, it will stop working.





1. Imported saw blade with excellent performance, sharpness and durability.

2. The upper and lower door switches adopt Hall switches, security and reliable.

3.Easy to use handling, comfortable cleaning, stable performance.

4.The operator's station adopts the overall slide design, the surface of machine has been blasted, operate more safe and hygienic.

5. The tension control of saw blade adopts air spring tension, which can keep the tension deformation of saw blade all the time.

6. Body waterproof design, protection grade IP65.

7.  S curve acceleration when starting, using frequency conversion speed regulation, the saw blade stressed evenly,

8. The sawing speed can be  adjusted  according to different materials to extend the service life of the saw blade.





Suitable for all kinds of animal bones, frozen meat, fish bones, frozen fish, ice and other processing equipment.

Widely used in kitchen, restaurant and many food processing places.


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