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Meat Grinding Machine

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 Meat Grinding Machine



Meat grinder is a necessary equipment for meat processing. It can cut the unfrozen meat directly and make the meat with different specifications.

It does not damage the muscle fiber tissue. The temperature rise of meat is small, which is conducive to the preservation of products and prolongs the shelf life.

Prepare for chopping or mixing. As there is no need to thaw, the nutrition and meat taste are maintained.

It can grind frozen meat below - 18 ℃, and fresh meat can also be processed. Not damage the structure of muscle fibers.

Frozen meat can be used directly, so reduce the loss of meat nutrients and protein.


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1. Good versatility, wide application range and high production.

2. It has the function of freezing minced meat, saving time and labor.

3. Short cutting time and temperature increase during cutting will help maintain freshness and extend shelf life.

4.Reasonable structure, stable and reliable mechanical performance and lower noise.

5.The machine can cut fresh meat and frozen meat.

6.users can select different specifications of orifice plates process various meat to meet the different needs of meat products.



Mainly for Hotels, manufacturing plants, catering factories, supermarket and restaurants, suitable for all kinds of frozen meat, fresh meat, pig skin,

chicken skin, fish,etc. Widely used in various sausage, ham, lunch meat, meatballs, salty, pet food and other meat products industries.


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