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Meat Chopping Machine

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Meat Chopping  Machine




Use the principle of relative motion make vegetables and blade for relative motion, with the differential rotation then chop the vegetables&meat into a paste.

Meat and vegetables chopper machine mainly used for all kinds of meat roots, stems, leafy vegetables (carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, celery, cabbage, etc.)

for cutting or grinding broken to make the dumplings and steamed buns, sausage, etc.




1. The cutting blade with a curved shape, safety.

2.Compact design, simple operation, easy cleaning and maintenance.

3. This machine adopt a turbine rotation, low noise, long service life.




It used for both individual and commercial. 

For individual users, this machine can wear a variety of meat, vegetables, gizzards, lamb, squid, etc.

For commercial users, suitable for large, medium and small food processing plants, meat processing plants, large barbecue chain supply stores, etc.

The system can wear a variety of kebab, Flesh connected kebabs, chicken fillet string, chicken string, etc.

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