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Sterilization Equipment Import Export Frozen Food Packaging Disinfection Machine

  • Introduction Model:PS100
    MOQ:1 UNIT
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1, Working principle:

Cold chain packing case sterilizer is a new type of disinfection and sterilization equipment newly developed by our company in response to


market demand. It is made of high-quality SUS304 stainless steel and adopts a tunnel conveying 360-degree spray disinfection method.


Each circulating water tank is operated by a horizontal stainless steel centrifugal water pump. Disinfect and sterilize the wrapped objects


at the same time in the four directions of up, down, left and right. The mixed disinfectant will produce about 1-15 micron (0.001mm) droplets


by a professional nozzle. Because the droplets produced under this high pressure are very fine , So the droplets can be suspended and floated


in the air for a long time, forming a flying mist. The droplets can settle on the surface of the object to fully cover the surface of the conveyed object


and play a comprehensive disinfection and sterilization effect. The disinfection process is quick and efficient. ,


It can disinfect and sterilize the outer packaging of items.The sterilized liquid is input into the atomization chamber after molecular atomization.


When the box body passes through the atomization chamber, the whole body is covered by the atomized disinfectant (coverage rate is 98%),


so as to achieve the effect of disinfection and sterilization. The equipment cooperates with the disinfectant to sterilize the outer packaging of articles.


Disinfectant: HClO or 84 disinfectant / water; solubility: 200-500ppm


Disinfection method: atomization disinfection

SUS304 Sterilization Equipment Import Export Frozen Food Packaging Disinfection Machine


2, Scope of application:


It is especially suitable for frozen food, processed cooked food, storage, logistics operation, etc


3, Technical parameters:

Model Transmission   power Atomization   power Transmission  speed Atomization   capacity        Dimensions Disinfection object size
SZ-2000 0.75kw 1kw 0-2m/s 3-4kg/h


(Customizable )

 600mm wide and 500mm high (customizable)

4,Machine picture

Parameter and price

The conveying degree is adjustable from 20 meters to 200 meters per minute (adjusted by the conveying motor)
Water tank volume
60 litres
Water temperature heating function
Adjustable temperature, 1KW heating tube
With filter, with waste liquid tank, disinfectant can be used
HClO (hypochlorous acid disinfectant) or 84 disinfectant/water Solubility: 200-500ppm.
Liquid level detection
Automatic shutdown alarm
Full body 304 stainless steel material
Overall dimensions


SUS304 Sterilization Equipment Import Export Frozen Food Packaging Disinfection Machine






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