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Poultry Tray / Cage Cleaning Machine

  • Introduction MOQ:1 Unit
    Warranty: 3 Years
    Shipping: By Sea

Poultry Tray / Cage Cleaning Machine



Divided by three stages cleaning ,pre-wash ,main wash and rinsing,

the  machine is mainly made of SUS 304 stainless steel ,hygienic and clean,the spray nozzle is also made of

stainless steel or high temperature resistance plastic ,the angle of the spray direction can be easily adjusted ,

so the target is covered by all siees and avoid the blind angle to ensure the performance is done properly ,the

hot water pump with stainless steel is specialized ,the motor speed is using auto-frequency conversion,it is

suitable to different levels of cleaning of washing 



Widely used in the food industry ,chicken farm ,baking shop,auto parts industry.bio-pharmaceuticals

etc,regarding the chicken baskets ,baking pans ,stainless steel trays ,plastic pallet ,turnover box,trash

bins ,seeding tray ,tote and other containers this machine can do a good job of cleaning 


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