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The Working Principle of Spray Sterilization Pot

2021-01-18     Zhengzhou Lonkia Machinery     Back

During the entire sterilization process, a small amount of hot water stored at the bottom of the sterilization pot (about 400L of water in the sterilization pot that can accommodate four sterilization vehicles) is used as the sterilization heat transfer water, which is circulated at high speed through a large-flow hot water centrifugal pump, and flows through the plate After the heat exchanger exchanges heat, it enters the water distributor on the sterilization pot and sprays evenly on the products that need to be sterilized to adjust the pressure and temperature.

The pressure and temperature control of the machine are completely independent, and the pressure control is to inject or discharge compressed air into the pot.

 The temperature, pressure and time of the water spray sterilizer are controlled by the program controller, and the operation process is fully automated. The program control adopts a microprocessor, which is convenient to adjust according to product requirements, and is easy to connect with a computer to realize centralized control. 

Side spray horizontally

  In order to shorten the hot water process, some cans use the side spray method to heat more evenly, especially for the sterilization of bagged food.