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Fruit and Vegetables Washing Line Multifunctional Vegetable Washing Machine, Product Features

2021-01-18     Zhengzhou Lonkia Machinery     Back

Fruit and vegetable washing line Multifunctional vegetable washing machine, product features:

This equipment is widely used in cleaning operations of various fruits and vegetables, various agricultural products: wolfberry, jujube, slabs, peanuts, hawthorn, etc., seafood cleaning operations: fish, shrimp, starfish, crabs, etc., vegetables: peas, Cauliflower, rapeseed, cucumber, spinach, blueberry, dragon fruit, strawberry, apple, orange, etc., a series of material designs with high requirements on the shape, suitable for: vegetables, fruits, aquatic products and other granular, leafy, and root-like products Washing and other fruits and vegetables, especially suitable for growing in soil.

Jujube cleaning line Multifunctional vegetable washing machine, equipment features:

 1. The equipment is equipped with a circulating water pump and a filter water tank to realize the recycling of cleaning water, save water, and replace with new water according to the actual production situation;

 2. The conveyor belt motor of the equipment can realize the variable speed adjustment function. The cleaned vegetables are conveyed by the network chain, automatically fed and discharged, and the conveying speed of the conveyor belt is adjusted according to the production needs;

 3. The equipment is equipped with a spray device, which sprays the product during the transportation to the next process after cleaning to reduce secondary pollution.