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Pay Attention to the Details after Using The Electric Heating Jacketed Pot

2021-01-18     Zhengzhou Lonkia Machinery     Back

The electric heating jacketed pan is not only recognized by everyone in Henan, but also used in many areas, which shows that its advantages have been recognized by everyone. We can ensure that we use the correct method when we use it. The work goes on smoothly, so we can't let it go after using it. We must do a good job in the details of maintenance so that it can last longer. Then what maintenance details should we pay attention to? The editor has sorted out relevant information, let's take a look.


First, tell everyone that the electric heating jacketed pot is a tiltable jacketed pot. Before use, we must carry out a detailed inspection of each transmission part and add lubricating oil, so as to avoid dry grinding and damage the machine.


Second, we must also check whether the electrical wiring is intact, whether the connection is safe and firm, and whether the fuse is matched, and everything is intact, so that it can be energized and heated.


Third, check the amount of heat transfer oil added before starting the jacketed pot. The amount of oil added is 5 cm below the oil filler.


Fourth, during normal use, the two oil inlets on the upper edge of the pot body can not be blocked after filling the oil, and open for heating.


Fifth, check whether the fixing bolts of the rocking handle are firm, and avoid the friction between the heating tube wire and the pot body and leakage of electricity when shaking.


Sixth, the staff can not operate with water, and stop the operation when there is oil leakage from the outside.


Seventh, we must strictly control the temperature during operation, under normal circumstances, it is controlled below 200 degrees.


Eighth, before discharging, the inlet and outlet of the heat transfer oil should be blocked before discharging.


Ninth, each time the oil is changed, the electric heating tube should be removed first, cleaned with alkaline water before refueling.


Tenth, the heat transfer oil should be changed every 20 pots used, and the oil should be drained every one month after use. Fill the jacket with 40℃, 2% lye and soak for 2 hours, and then wash it with hot water.


Eleventh. Carry out overhaul every 4 months, including: replacing the electric heating tube, various gaskets and electric heating tube wiring, checking the thermometer, etc.


Twelfth, this electric heating jacketed boiler is a high energy consumption equipment, in the actual use process, we must ensure safe operation and management, implement strictly according to regulations, and make daily operation records in order to better maintain the equipment .