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Advantages of Fruit and Vegetables Bubble Cleaning Machine

2021-01-18     Zhengzhou Lonkia Machinery     Back

Today, the editor of the fruit and vegetable bubble cleaning machine manufacturer will introduce the advantages of using the fruit and vegetable bubble cleaning machine.


1. Fruit and vegetable disinfection cleaning machine. Centrifugal cleaning of vegetables and fruits, the double-layer structure automatically separates fruits and vegetables from residual stains;


2. You only need to rotate the timer to adjust the cleaning time, and the vegetable washing machine will use the triple action of vortex spray water impact cleaning and active oxygen oxidation decomposition to automatically complete vegetable washing and sterilization, disinfection, and pesticide degradation within ten minutes. Free the body, mind and hands, and protect the health of the family;


3. Economical, it only costs a few cents to clean it once, no detergent is needed, and it is easy to not hurt your hands;


4. Save water and electricity, disinfect zero pollution, green environmental protection and good health;


5. Transparent windows, visual monitoring of the entire sterilization, detoxification and cleaning process, safe and secure;


6. The washing basket can be moved at will, and it is convenient to take it out. The vortex spray water impact cleaning is used to ensure that vegetables and fruits are not damaged by heavy machinery.


7. It has active oxygen components to remove pesticide residues;


8. The inner barrel adopts a unique patented technical structure, which can strongly drive the movement of water. At the same time, the surface of the inner barrel has low friction, which can protect fruits and vegetables, and wash it clean without damaging the skin of fruits and vegetables.