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Maintenance Precautions for Vacuum Tumbler

2021-01-18     Zhengzhou Lonkia Machinery     Back

During the use of the vacuum tumbler, there may be some minor problems that affect the use. What problems should we pay attention to when repairing? The following vacuum tumbler manufacturer will introduce to you.



1. After each operation of the vacuum tumbler, open the bottom valve switch of the vacuum oil-water separator, drain the accumulated water, remove the vacuum suction, clean the vacuum pump oil-water separator, and ensure that the vacuum pipeline is unblocked.


2. The vacuum pump should be stopped once a month to check the oil pollution. If the oil in the vacuum pump has been contaminated, the oil should be changed in time. Before changing the oil, the pump must rotate forward for 15 minutes without load. After the oil is heated, stop the pump and open the oil plug to drain the dirty oil. Use some new oil to clean or clean the pump with oil and then inject new oil. Refer to "Common failures and maintenance methods of vacuum pumps for vacuum tumblers".


3. Check the oil level of the reducer frequently. If the oil level is found to be lower than 1/2 of the height of the oil window, add No. 30 mechanical oil in time.


4. The electrical control box of the vacuum tumbler must be firmly grounded to ensure electrical safety.


Everyone must pay attention to the above matters in the process of using the vacuum tumbler. If there are some faults, you can also deal with it yourself according to the above methods.