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LONKIA as a professional factory to provide high quality foodstuff processing machinery and enterprise production solutions for global users,and all business covers from food industrial production to household equipment, from single machine to the automatic product line,and we are always committed to producing best products and service to satisfy your demand.
We have passed the SGS, ISO, CE, BV authentication,and this would enable the LONKIA...


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18 2021-01
Advantages of Fruit and Vegetables Bubble Cleaning
Today, the editor of the fruit and vegetable bubble cleaning machine manufacturer will introduce the advantages of using the fruit and vegetable bubble cleaning...
18 2021-01
Maintenance Precautions for Vacuum Tumbler
During the use of the vacuum tumbler, there may be some minor problems that affect the use. What problems should we pay attention to when repairing? The followi...
18 2021-01
Precautions for the Use of Fruit and Vegetables Wa
The fruit and vegetable cleaning machine is easy to use and saves manpower, but there are still some problems that need to be paid attention to in the process o...
18 2021-01
The Working Characteristics and Operation Process
Analyzing the working characteristics and operation process of the bubble cleaning machine, the bubble cleaning machine is a product developed according to mark...
18 2021-01
Do You Know How to Repair the Jacketed Pan?
[Maintenance of jacketed pot] 1. The power supply is equipped with a leakage protector according to the power, and the heat transfer oil is added before use. 2....
18 2021-01
The Maintenance Method of Sterilization Pot, Learn
The sterilizer is equipped with safety valves, pressure gauges, thermometers and other accessories, which must be safe, complete, sensitive and reliable. Mainte...
18 2021-01
The Working Principle of Spray Sterilization Pot
During the entire sterilization process, a small amount of hot water stored at the bottom of the sterilization pot (about 400L of water in the sterilization pot...
18 2021-01
Fruit and Vegetables Washing Line Multifunctional
Fruit and vegetable washing line Multifunctional vegetable washing machine, product features:This equipment is widely used in cleaning operations of various fru...